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Our mission is to strengthen youth and families through evidence-based programs that prevent substance abuse, promote healthy behaviors, and maximize student success.

Youth First partners with schools churches businesses colleges communities local agencies to provide
a menu of proven programs and strategies.


Taking Care of Child’s Physical, Emotional Needs is Essential

By Katherine Baker, LCSW, Courier & Press, Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2017 Unfortunately, all too often we hear stories in the media about children and teens being neglected.  Neglect can take many forms, including lack of housing, food  and medical care, failure to teach basic personal care, and withholding love and affection.  In neglect situations, the […]

Red Ribbon Week Activities Coming to Local Schools

By Katie Omohundro, LCSW, and Jenna Bowman, Courier & Press, October 24, 2017 Every fall communities and schools around the country honor a week known as Red Ribbon Week, sponsored by the National Family Partnership. Red Ribbon Week began in 1985 to raise awareness of drug abuse and drug-related violence.  Although Red Ribbon Week is […]

The Challenges of Parenting Tweens

By Heather Miller, LCSW, Courier & Press, Oct. 17, 2017 “Why did Jack score two goals and I didn’t score any?” “I’m terrible at soccer. I should just quit.” “Everyone else in my class knows how to do this math problem but me. I’m awful at it.” “You just don’t understand.” And so it begins… […]


What Youth First supporters say

I feel it is vitally important to have availability and access to Youth First Social Workers in all the schools and in as many youth programs as possible. It literally saved my daughter’s life and provided me with a sounding board and a helping hand during the rough patches when I didn’t know where to turn.

Motherof student helped by a Youth First Social Worker

You make my heart feel good.

Elementary school studentto her Youth First Social Worker

Today, our youth face so many more pressures. Add to that the rise in poverty, drugs, pressure to grow up too quickly, social media, family issues, and it should come as no surprise that many children need help. They need that trusted third party with whom they can converse, vent, and ask advice. They need Youth First.

John KaminExec. Vice President & CIO, Provident Bank

Mrs. C., when I talk to you I feel brave.

Elementary school studentto his Youth First Social Worker

Over the last twenty years, Youth First has taken a firm stance in our community on behalf of young people. They have demonstrated significant leadership in helping to improve many of the serious substance abuse issues in our city and region, all while enhancing our most important assets…young people and strong families. I believe we should all invest in their future through Youth First.”

Ronald D. RomainChairman & CEO, United Companies

Mrs. A., if people can be safe places, you’re my safe place.

Elementary school studentto her Youth First Social Worker

Vectren believes in Youth First’s mission because its progress should result in a healthier and safer community by addressing some of the most costly problems such as drug abuse and graduation rates. Their very successful focus on students’ success in school should also contribute to a higher quality workforce. We believe our contribution advances a very strong partnership between Youth First and the local schools.

Carl ChapmanChairman, President & CEO, Vectren Corporation

Youth First’s multifaceted programming comprehensively addresses both youth and their families – among the most important targets for the Welborn Baptist Foundation. Through their school-based social workers and other prevention and early intervention resources, Youth First is tackling risk factors like substance abuse and family conflicts, using evidence-based programming models and a deep understanding of our community.

Kevin R. BainExecutive Director & CEO, Welborn Baptist Foundation

How you can support Youth First

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